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Iwane Sansou Ice Tree

Never swung the ice axe? Want to learn how to train to be even better and stronger? No problem. We’re here for you to offer the perfect opportunity to experience this great activity. Right next to cozy accommodation and 0 min approach, the Iwane sannso ice tree is a great place to learn all the skills to play on frozen water fall. With 2 times Ice climbing japan cup wins and World Cup participations, I’ve taken those skills to massive water fall ice in Canadian Rockies or high mountains in Himalayas past decades. I’d like to share all the skills I’ve learned from years of climbing I’ve gone through. (Free rental gears available) Visit my website and apply now! The date:1/13-14(2days course)、1/31、2/14、2/23-24(2days course) Course Fee:12,000/1day、24,000/2days ※Guide's expense(petrol, about 10,000), registration fee and 1 day pass for ice tree are not included in the price Max:5 persons
スクール名 To customers from overseas
開催日・日程 2024-1/13.14 2/14 2/23.24
講 師 Genki Narumi


A member of the 'Giri-Giri' generation of young Japanese climbers who have been scouring the most impossible rock faces exclusively for the past 15 years, Genki is the author of several impressive first ascents on the 6,000m peaks of Nepal and India: the north face direct of Tawoche, the south face and west ridge of Kang Nachugo, and the northeast face of Cerro Kishtwar. And all in a spirit of "at the limit" (a literal translation of "Giri-Giri"), while remaining close to the ethics of the Piolets d'Or Charter. I’m a JMGA certified technical mountain/ski guide stage I. I’m guiding many places from the Japanese YABUYAMA(means bushy mountains) climbing to technical routes or BC skiing for beginners.

URL : https://genkinarumi.com